Monday morning rambling thoughts:

hot Dunkin Donuts coffee
Lil Miss
work out
mother's day brunch
unique garden markers
Bethenny Frankel (my favorite RHNYC)
packing for Stagecoach-sunscreen and camera (most important)
cold spring rainfall
Taco Bell
highlights hair appointment
Friday Night Lights (need to rent Season 3--Boo Mama reminded me in her blog post today)
making to-do lists

I had a wonderful weekend. We planted our vegetable/herb garden and one of my very best friends became a grandmother this weekend (twins Isabella and Tristan were born on Saturday).

I just love this photo of my own precious grand-daughter, Grace. It makes my heart smile. Nothing better than your very own ice cream cone....

Have a beautiful Monday!


Summer Girl said...

Sunshine and Lil Miss where inmy head today too! I love that you stuck Taco Bell in there too!!! LOL! I had Del Taco for lunch...funny story there. That chocolate faced baby loved that ice cream cone so much!

Farmer Gal said...

So, the Dunkin' Donuts coffee... My sister gave me some grounds to brew, and I don't know what it was, but that stuff sent me flying high!

I don't think I can handle the Dunkin'.

Beth said...

Laura, We usually make with half decaf (same brand), but we were drinking it full strength before. Maybe your sis slipped you a mickey in the grounds....LOL!