We have returned from a laughter and love filled weekend in Utah with our kids (A&K) and our grand-daughter, little miss Gracie.
We had so much fun spending time with Grace at Liberty Park as she set out to explore, run around, slide and swing. It was a brisk sunny day and the park was filled with lots of young families and grandparents doing the same thing.
We had lots of snuggle time with Grace, too. Nothing is better than snuggle time with a sweet grandbaby. She interacts so much now and kept us smiling and laughing.
Such a sweet, sweet girl. We love her so much and treasure every moment we have to spend with her. We are truly blessed. Grace is starting become more verbal and though she still understands much more than she can verbalize, we learned on this trip, that her vocabulary includes the words: shoes, hi, shhhh, mama, no,no,no, no.....,
Here is something else we learned while we were there....
We are going to be grandparents again in early November! Did I mention how blessed we are?

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