I urge everyone reading my blog to shake off your complacency. This time it happened here. This time it was someone else's precious child. Next time, it could be your town, your community, your child.

Make sure YOU know where the registered sexual offenders live in your state and your neighborhoods and educate yourself on the laws that protect the children in your lives from these offenders.

If the laws are lenient, DO SOMETHING to get them changed and close the loopholes before another child's innocence is robbed and one more precious life is taken.


Hepzibah said...

I have been reading on your blog about Chelsea and her sad story, it is really shocking to think a girl that only went out for a run would be abducted never to return home. It makes me realize just how presious this life is. I and my family will be praying for Chelsea's family.

Farmer Gal said...

You are right to urge your readers to take a stand. It's something that we just don't want to think about, but we have to be proactive in protecting ourselves and our children!