I am grateful that my dad was discharged (with his doctor's blessings) after a three day stay at the hospital with a clean bill of health on his heart and that his scary symptoms were from a bad reaction to a new medication and not a heart attack.

My paternal grandmother, Grandmama, my Daddy's mother, suffered a massive heart attack in October 1978 at age 76. I was not ready to lose my grandmother. I miss her to this day and am it makes me sad that she missed out on her first great-grandchild's birth in August 1979. I love you, Grandmama!

It was a scary week for all of us. My father will be 76 in June. I am so thankful for good doctors. I am thankful for my day and that his General Practioner and Cardiologist took the neccesary steps to be sure that his heart was in good condition. I love you, Daddy!

On the same day, my momma had cataract surgery. The good news is that everything went well and she also, has a VERY GOOD doctor! I am doubly thankful!!


Thomma Lyn said...

I'm so glad your parents are both okay. They sound like wonderful people. :)

Farmer Gal said...

Sounds like you are having some hard times there in California. I am sorry to hear about all the heart ache around you. But it is wonderful news about your parents! Good to see you are counting your blessings!

Farmer Gal said...

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