I am blogging today that we have completed a full week of treadmilling and Bowflexing !

Yesterday we started our our second week. I was up at the crack of dawn to get my treadmill workout done.... Actually it was still very dark and dawn was nearly two hours away when I got up--5:00 a.m. I always seem to dread excercise at that hour...but it sure feels great when I am done!

Today, I not only got my cardio on the treadmill done, but (much to my dismay) our elevator was out of order when I got in this morning and so I traipsed the 9 flights up (with my loaded down work tote over one shoulder and my coffee mug in hand). Actually, it was much easier than I expected it to be.

I am so ahead of the game today.


Summer Girl said...

Go Mama! You and I are working it together! I am so proud of you! I love yous too! Thanks for the text this morning. Soon that Bowflex is going to be making some serious guns on you! xoxo

farmergalsmarket said...

WAY TO GO! You're an inspiration. I aspire to get up at 5am and workout, but my will power is SO minimal at that time of day (or is it still night?) Any suggestions on how to motivate myself?

Beth said...

Beautiful girl of mine...I applaud YOU--working fulltime and being a mama and making time to exercise!

Beth said...

Laura, I hear you...this morning I fought the urge to pull the covers back up over my head until I HAD to get up...but I knew I would kick myself later...and that is what gets me up. The first week is the hardest.

Its hard to find motivation and it is individual, but I can suggest that you set a short term goal for yourself (some event or outfit you want to feel good wearing) and work towards that. I always use short term goals so that I am not overwhelmed with the "big picture". I am taking baby steps up the mountain, so to speak.