We've been getting a lot of rain all week and it's soggy out there now. Last night I awoke to the sound of it raining hard against the house and our (very large) dog curled up between us. She started out at the foot of our bed, but I think all the noise outside made her feel uneasy, so she decided that scooting up between us was the best place to be.

I got her settled back at the foot of the bed and closed my eyes and that is when the lightning and thunder began. That is certainly not San Diego weather. This much rain is not normal for San Diego either, but anyway, the thunder storm moved out quickly and I went back to sleep until the next one rumbled overhead, this time I barely came awake before falling back into deep heavenly slumber.

Today, we are supposed to get more rain, more wind and more thunderstorms. We've had downed trees, power outages, flash flooding, and just lots and lots of rain. Snow in our mountains will be falling at the 3,500 foot level. It's gonna be another crazy weather day in Sunny San Diego...

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