I was blog surfing this weekend...

Blog surfing is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon (when you should be writing something for your own blog, but just don't have anything to say). You can certainly lose yourself in this activity in an afternoon. I add the blogs I want to read more of, to my 'favorites' and then I can go back later to each one.

I found several wonderful baking/cooking/foodie blogs that got me excited to try their recipes and ideas. Here is one such blog that I found myself drooling over several recipes. Check out those stuffed mushrooms, and the apple cinnamon rolls...oh yeah, keep scrolling down....until you get to the pumpkin ice cream!! Thanks, Amber, I cannot wait to try these out!

I promise to share more of the gems I have discovered in my blog surfing adventures...and feel free to share the blogs you love, with me too!

Happy trails to you.....

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