It's been a bit of a long week without my hubby. He has been on travel with work...in Maine. It's cold in Maine. It's been cold here. But...it's COLD in Maine. I digress...

The first night, our dog, Kona was on hyper-alert...roaming through the house, prowling back and forth between our bedroom and the front door. Growling and occasionally letting out a bark. I wasn't too worried about there being any real threat. Getting past our 80 pound part Rottie-part German Shepherd-part Golden would be tough.

The second and third nights, she decided she could protect me best from Bruce's side of the bed. She stayed most of the night beside me and we both slept good.

Tonight, my daughter, M is coming over. It's a girls' night for us. I am making a Margherita Pizza and after dinner she's going to whip up some "pink stuff" for a potluck at her work tomorrow. What is "pink stuff", you ask? Pink stuff is the name my nephew D, gave the yummy pink gelatin salad his mama made every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I have no idea what the real name is. But it is soooo good. It is made with soft cream cheese, cottage cheese, strawberry Jello powder, Cool Whip and a large can of drained fruit cocktail.

M is going to spend the night tonight, too. She is on her way here from work. I have been home for awhile and I have a nice fire in the fireplace and I am sipping a glass of Maui Blanc (pineapple wine). The house is quiet except for the crackling of the fire.

So relaxing. Tomorrow is Friday. My hubby will be home. Life is good.


Summer Girl said...

Its nice that our Hubbies are both home tonight. I would have called you and chit chatted had I known. Its supposed to snow this weekend, tomorrow especially and boy could you tell today becaue the wind was just whipping up! Have a good weekend, love yous!

Beth said...

Glad your hubby is back home too! Tell him we said hi and send our love! :-) It is colder here finally. Snow already, huh? I'd like a little snow. Have a good weekend too sweetie!