We are back from Disneyland.

We had an amazing time wandering through the park and taking in all of the shops. We rode a few of the rides: Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, King Arthur's Carousel, Star Tours and Astro Orbitor. We tried to go on Indiana Jones...but it broke down (again, according to the girls in line ahead of us) while we were in line, so we missed that one. I figured it was better to miss the ride than get stuck on it.

We were not too concerned about getting on all of the rides, because we opted to buy an annual passport and go back again. It was a deal since my one-day pass and Bruce's free birthday pass counted toward the cost of our passports and being California residents, we could do the easy monthly payment plan on the balance after the deductions. We are thinking about going back while T is here visiting.

We stayed at the Doubletree and they have a Disney Welcome Center there. We stopped in on Thursday night after we'd checked into our room and had dinner. Joy, the "practically perfect" Disney Rep working there, gave us some good tips on where to go and what to see and tried to get us reservations at the Blue Bayou for dinner...apparently you have to call serveral days ahead of time to assure a reservation....oh well, live and learn!

We ended up heading out to Downtown Disney for dinner Friday night....went to Tortilla Jo's...and we got there before happy hour ended (5:00 pm--thank goodness we are used to eating dinner early!) Our waiter was very cool! He hooked us up with a free order of guacamole...so our dinner was comprised of two margaritas, guac, chips, salsa, and we each ordered a taco and shared a dish of ice cream for Bruce's birthday. We sat outside on the patio under a patio heater and had a great meal. We walked back into Disneyland for the evening and took the ART back to our hotel at 9:30 p.m.

I am starting to think about Thanksgiving, since it is just a short couple of weeks away. I will work on making my lists and getting organized so I will not be running around like a crazy woman that week!

Tomorrow, I start back on my early morning treadmill workouts. I took most of last week off. I had been feeling so tired last week, so I think a break was needed.

I got my CT scan and labwork results and everything is good! I was super pleased with my cholesterol numbers! They are all great! The benefits of eating good, healthy food and working out is showing! I still have a ways to go on the scale, but the results are already reflected in my health which is the best part.

Taking it easy at home today...we have a fire in the fireplace this morning...football on TV (we so love our Samsung flatscreen!) and still hanging out in my jammies.


Summer Girl said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! What kind of ART did you get or take? What does that mean? I am so glad you guys had a good time. But what about the Matterhorn and Space Mountain? Those are two classics! xoxox love yous

Beth said...

The ART is the Anaheim Resort Transit. Its a bus that shuttles you back and forth.

We ran out of time for all the rides but will get to them next time! So much to see and do there!