I am keeping busy.

With lots of little stuff. Or big stuff, depending on how ya look at it.

Smashing Fat. I am working out every morning and shedding the L B's. We've been planning meals and cooking dinner every night...and we have been taking the leftovers for lunches. Eating more vegetarian kind of meals...and not meat at every meal. I'm likin' it! We have incorporated a lot more fresh fruit in our daily diet too. Yumm. I make a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast on the weekends, which have been so refreshing with our warm weather. Yes, we are still having warm weather (for all you readers in other area other than SO CAL).

Heathy choices. I made my doctor appointment for my "yearly" and will get my mammogram once I get the referral from my doctor. Have you ladies had yours this year??

Technology Tricks. Trying to figure out my new Blackberry Tour...and lovin' it. It's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and I am already hooked on all the conveniences and cool features. Yeah, I can be a gadget geek.

Health Instant Replay. Another new good habit... we switched over to half-caf coffee in the morning...we tried to go cold turkey but we couldn't get off caffeine completely. What can I say...a girl's gotta have her caffeine fix first thing in the morning. It's a baby step.

Social Scene. We are excited about attending the upcoming Brad Paisley concert wtih our friends, Shannon and Jennifer. We had such a blast with them at the Toby Keith concert last month...I know we are going to have another great night together at this one!

Top Gun. I'm also stoked about getting to go to the Miramar Air Show this year! We are going with my high school BFF, Theresa--she had extra tickets and offered them to us! I'm looking forward to seeing her again and getting to hang out with her!

Summertime Still. Last Sunday afternoon, we got to spend some float time in the pool...the water was 86 degrees...it was a "calgon, take me away" kind of afternoon in the water....I was so relaxed when we got out of the pool to make dinner. Happy. Happy.

Looking Forward. I am staying focused with my focus on my goals! What goals have you set or accomplished recently? Please do share.

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