Saturday, July 4th was a glorious summer day.

Here is what I posted about that.

"We lounged on the patio and in addition to getting some sun, and noshing on some fresh fruit for lunch, I went through about one third of the piles of magazines that have collected and put away for a day exactly like that.

We are going to be going to my parent's house tonight to celebrate both the fourth of July as well as a belated celebration of my dad's 75th birthday with our family! My parents have the most beautiful covered deck that has a view all the way to the ocean and we can watch a variety of fireworks shows at the same time.

It's supposed to be in the low 80's today and we're going to be enjoying our yard and pool today.

Float around and relax. Stay cool. Refresh. Revitalize. Well, that may be going a bit too far. I may need a spa day to actually revitalize myself, but floating around is very calming and such a great stress reducer for me. Our pool is surrounded by lots of greenery and flora which is a calming influence.Ahhhhhh....and the pool temp is 80 degrees.....Calgon, take me away.......or is that going too far?

Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday, too. "
We're going to be doing more of the same this weekend too!


Summer Girl said...

I can't wait to float around in that pool!!!! :P

Beth said...

We have a bunch of floats too...the water was 82 last weekend. We got this great shaded float thing for Grace too!