I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wanted to, but here are a few that I did. This is the view from my parent's deck out toward the ocean. The "marine layer" was coming in and so this picture is not that clear.

We had a great time together. There was lots of delicious food -- hamburgers, corn on the cob, yummy fruit salad, coleslaw and a "to die for" turtle cheesecake! *swoon*
The weather was just right for relaxing on the deck.
Here are some photos I took of the fam....my baby brother:

And my eldest son, C and his beautiful girlfriend:

The hosts of this great party, Mom and Dad (whose birthday we were also celebrating):

My younger brother (yes, I am the firstborn) and his beautiful bride with our mama:

And last, my sweet hubby and me:

Here is one cool photo of the fireworks shows that were in the distance. There were about eight different shows going on at the same time. I know you are asking about those green lights in the sky--wondering....could that be a UFO?
It does kind of look like the Mothership, doesn't it? Right out of a movie....the movie, Independence Day....and it WAS Independence Day, after all.
Well, hang up the phone. Don't call Art Bell or consult the media.
Those green lights in the sky were a reflection from the high school ball field stadium lights at the at the bottom of the picture.
I know...I was disappointed too.
But it's still kind of cool isn't it?

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Summer Girl said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!!!!!!!