This is going to be a short post.

I have been meaning to blog all week...about lots of things, because I have had lots of bloggy thoughts floating around but I have been, shall I say, preoccupied with "stuff". That being said, I want to share this with ya'all.

We have been attending The Rock Church and we always have really amazing worship time before our message. Last Sunday, Mike Clark and the Band lead worship. It was Awesome!!

I found some of his music videos to share. Watch and listen to this one and here is another one.

I am ordering his CD and I can't wait until he and the band return to The Rock!


Thomma Lyn said...

How neat! Fabulous music. And we have a Rock Church in our community, too. :)

Summer Girl said...

Whats the news??? I have been waiting for a blog update about the "stuff" :P. I talked with T tonight, totally realized what a goob I was thinking I would travel from a wednesday to a tuesday or something....Really I was in the middle of telling him what I orginally planned and was like..."wait why would I do that and not mon thru friday and make use of both weekends???" I said as much to KSov and he laughed and said I wasn't going to tell you how to plan your vacation. So yeah duh it will probably be a mo thru a fri to make use of both weekends. Better right? ok well I will have to get it planned this week so we can start making plans. LOVEEEEE YOOOUUU!