My week has been especially long and busy. Almost every night this week has had an obligation attached to it. I am exhausted.

Today at work, I was under a lot of pressure to complete three separate discovery responses out the door with all of the accompanying documents organized, copied and identified by close of business. The stress gave me nightmares last night. But, I got it all done just shy of 15 minutes before the end of my day.

I work 7-4, which is a schedule I like. I have to get up at 5 am, but it is so nice to be done and on my way home from work before the rest of the city is bogged down.

Tonight my sweet hubby cooked me a wonderful dinner and let me sip Pinot Grigio and keep him company in the kitchen. (He really wanted me to "chillax" in the living room, but I wanted to be with him). After a delicious dinner, I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and set up the coffee maker for tomorrow morning...and now it's time to kick back.

I am blogging and he is gaming...'Motorsport' on Playstation 3 (PS3). Our latest purchase. He and I played 'Baja 1000' over the weekend. That was a lot of fun. I like the racing games!

We're having a nice night together. I love my life.

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Summer Girl said...

How sweet! You deserve it!