We've had a busy weekend and are ending it with a laid-back Monday at home. We're watching NASCAR (the Coca-Cola 600) and sipping a Bloody Mary. I am blogging and Bruce is going through old photos to scan. Just so nice to not really have a schedule to follow today. Life is good.

Shane spent the night last night after our barbeque celebrating his birthday (early). I'll be in Salt Lake to visit Gracie and the kids on Shane's actual birthday (the 28th), so we planned to have a small family celebration this weekend.

The weather was perfect...76 degrees and so we all sat on the patio and visited. Bruce barbequed baby-back ribs, and we had white corn-on-the-cob and homemade coleslaw. I baked a chocolate Kahlua cake with homemade fudge glaze and served it with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Bruce and I slept in (a rarity for us). We woke at 7:40 a.m. Given that we wake between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. during the week, sleeping in for us is usually 6:30 a.m. So today was a real luxury for us.

Started the coffee...fed the animals....and watched some Animal Planet shows while we sipped two mugs of coffee. By 9:00 we were in the kitchen to make breakfast (pancakes, bacon and orange juice). Just a wonderful quiet morning.

We are enjoying the race on the new flatscreen TV. (46" Samsung A550). We are a little slow in joining the flatscreen world. But we love it! We had a 27" Sony that we bought almost 8 years ago. The sound was starting to have problems..or we were going deaf...which is NOT the case.


I don't plan to do much for the rest of my day. We're going to grill steaks tonight. We will probably have some grilled veggies with them. And some wine.

And get my second good night's sleep on our New...'new bed'. It's been a long 12 days...Yeah, there is a story with that too. Now I know why I waited so long to make a change.

More on that later.

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