I had the most marvelous Mother's Day weekend.

First, I got to spend Saturday evening with my own wonderful, beautiful mama (and Daddy). We went to the Saturday evening church service and out to dinner afterwards at Anthony's (a family favorite). My youngest daughter, Miss M and my baby brother David joined Bruce and I and Mom and Dad and it was a really nice evening together. This is a photo of MY mama with Gracie when A & K were here two months ago.
My eldest daughter, A, called me and we chatted about our morning...she and Gracie and hubby were on their way from breakfast at Mimi's Cafe and off to enjoy the rest of their day! Great to talk to her--she sent me beautiful flowers on Friday! Just beaming with pride at how she manages her mommying, working, pumping, and treadmilling...and makes it look easy!
Next, my Navy boy, T, called me and we chatted away and caught up on what our week had held. He is still in JAX in school and keeping busy with studying, flying and balancing his free time! Gosh, he really has a lot on his plate right now...and I am proud of how well he is doing with it all!
My eldest son, C, came by for a visit in the early afternoon before he had to get home to study both for a trigonometry test as well as studying for a fire safety system he is installing with work! We had a nice long visit. It was so good to see him! I am very proud of him!

Miss M, came over to hang and BBQ with us--and arrived before her brother, C, had to leave, so we got some pics of us and them together...but of course those are still on my camera. I promise to post those tonight or tomorrow...so I apologize for the dated photos I have here.
M is such a joy to have around. She makes me laugh outloud with her cute and crazy stories and way of telling things! Love that "muffin girl" and how well she manages her work and school and has it so together at 21.
It was so nice out on our patio. The weather was 74 degrees and sunny. We all sat outside visiting, and scarfed down shrimp cocktail that my sweet, hubby, Bruce got for us to have. So good! I made a pitcher (or two) of blended pina coladas and we feasted on grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and potato salad! YUM!
M's, good friend Oliva joined us for dinner after she finished with work and it was good to see her again too!
I was the grateful recipient of lots of goodies: two beautiful flower bouquets, a gorgeous mini rose plant, The "Not So Big Life" book, Jamey Johnson CD, Starbuck's gift card and a Visa gift card. (Thank you kids!!) and a flight to Utah to see lil Gracie (and A & K) in two weeks! (Thank you, Baby!)
Yes, it was a wonderful, memorable Mother's Day weekend of celebrating and spending time with loved ones! I am blessed.

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