It's been a fun week here.

My youngest daughter, M, and her smart Lab mix, Bryant just won 2nd place in a local "American Fido" video talent contest on our Fox News station.

Here is photo of Bryant just hanging out, looking his cool, laid-back self.

He loves to swim. Makes sense for a Lab doesn't it? But Bryant's unique talent is that he will just jump in the pool and begin splashing the water with his paws so that he can then bite at the water. It is so smart of him that he can entertain himself! He doesn't need anyone else in the pool. He will just swim by himself and get out and start all over again.

What did Bryant win, you ask? A $250 gift certificate to Muttropolis --a Utopia for Pets and their Parents. Wow, I'll say. There are lots of great goodies and supplies for your beloved pet. You can shop online and they have some locations. We have a store here in San Diego--well, in La Jolla, to be exact.

I wonder what Bryant will choose?

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