This past weekend, I did not make it back out into the garage to do sorting of any kind. I was stuck on the couch, laying low because I was dealing with shoulder pain and was on heat and large doses of Aleve all day Friday. Saturday I felt a bit better and we made a trip to Costco and then back home to rest and relax on our patio in some welcome warm sunshine.

On Sunday, I did manage to sort through a cabinet in our house of papers, notes, recipes, articles, etc. You know the kind of junk that accumulates over time...you set it aside, saying, 'I will go through this later'.

I also took a stack of magazines out on the patio with me and went through those, pulling out decorating and gardening ideas for my "Nashville Home Notebook". Remind me to show ya'll that in a another blog. My notebook is full of lots of goodies -- furniture arrangements, color swatches, dreamy kitchens and cozy living rooms, fun color ideas for throw pillows and all sorts of other ideas that get my creative juices perking right along. I can't wait to decorate a home in Tennessee.

If I did not do this, I would be lugging about 7 tons of magazines across country with me...it's bad enough I have bunch of guitar mags to decide what to do with.

Anyway, it felt good to have done that! I found some more things to add to our donation bag as I went, too. So, though I did not feel up to digging into boxes, I still accomplished quite a bit.

I also polished some silver pieces and put them away. I have two pieces that I use in my bathroom. I use my silver baby cup for cotton swabs and a pretty silver pitcher to hold my assorted hairbrushes. I love using these pieces that would not ordinarily be used very often at all in unique places around my home. Why save them for fancy occasions? That was another idea I got from a magazine and implemented into my home and just love.

Oh no, I just remembered where I have another stash of magazines. I suppose that is what I will be doing tomorrow night while we watch tonight's episode of "24" that we DVR'd. We were just too tired to stay up late to watch it.

We started back exercising today.

Wow, are we are feeling it.

And not in a good way. Yet.

But, that is a another whole blog...for another day.

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