We had a memorable weekend visit with A & K and Gracie. It was full and busy with lots of family time.

On Saturday, we were able to take a group photo with my parents (the great-grandparents) and Auntie M. Our good friends, Larry and Debbie came by to visit and Debbie graciously offered to take some photos of the family.

Here is how that went down. First we had to get everyone in the room and situated, of course.

And make sure Gracie girl was a happy camper, too!

We were trying to figure out how to get us all in the shot (and being our silly selves).
But we finally got everyone in the room and in the photo -- we were still laughing over our silliness, though....it's hard having so many comedians in one family. But that is a burden we are willing to bear. Okay, this shot is much better...there is not as much smirking going on in this one.
Hmmmm.....Grace may not be as impressed with our comedic shennanigans!
That's okay, she'll get used it. Eventually.
Or maybe this is her own attempt at being funny! Either way, I think it's pretty darn cute.

Thank you again, Debbie for acting as our photographer!

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