And so I thought it appropriate to show some pictures of snow. I was reading The Tennessean online tonight and found these pictures entitled "History of Snow in Nashville".

This photo is by John Partipilo: Jordan Road in Franklin, 1997

This photo is by Shelley Mays: Williamson County in 2000.

This photo is by Sanford Myers: Thompson's Station February 2004.

This is another photo by Shelley Mays: January 2003 view of Broadway with Union Station Hotel in the background.

Another beautiful photo by John Partipilo: View of westbound I-24 in 2004.
I loved these photos. As I looked at them closely, for a minute, I could pretend that I was looking out my own window and that the fire crackling in our fireplace was warming me against a much colder night than it here in San Diego. Maybe even with some snow.

Oh yeah, we have a fire in our fireplace. It will be drop down to 40 degrees tonight (coastal temperatures, and much colder inland) which I know is warm compared to most of the country's weather tonight...but that is cold enough for us to have a fire in the fireplace.

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Thomma Lyn said...

*grin*! We've got lots of snow right now in East TN! Especially up in the mountains. I love the stuff!

Beautiful pictures -- I enjoyed them. :)