Our beautiful grand-daughter was born at 6:10 pm, January 10, 2008 and weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. This was just about the only pic I was able to get where she was not exercising her lungs! Apparently Mama and Daddy did not get much sleep last night.A went into labor early in the morning, called me at 8:10 San Diego time to let me know that they were at the hospital and in labor. I got online, booked a flight and arrived at 3:45 pm Utah time. K's mom, Janeen picked me up and we zipped up to the hospital. When I got there A was pushing and I was able to assist K for the next hour and a half until "baby girl" popped out!
She does not have a name yet....We're all hoping that mama and daddy can decide so we can stop calling her baby girl.
I'll be here in Utah with them for the week, and will be posting as much as I can

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Laura Ann said...

Congratulations on being a grandmother!! That is so exciting! And what a pretty little girl. I know you are just over the moon with love for her already!