It's a rainy Sunday here. The sun, which shone brightly this morning when I crawled out of bed and poured my coffee, was quickly replaced with grey clouds and before noon, the temperatures dropped. Shortly after, it began raining so softly that you could not hear it. Instead it was the smell of the rain that prompted me to look outside. It's very nice to finally have a day that really does resemble Fall. I love it.

We have a big kettle of homemade vegetable beef soup cooking on the stove this afternoon and are going to heat a loaf of sourdough bread to go with it for dinner tonight. Yum!

So whadaya think about those Titans? Nail biter of a game there at the end...but my soon to be "home team" is 8-0. whoo hoo!


Laura Ann said...

Yeah - my son will be so happy that it rained in San Diego. I've texted with him today, but haven't "spoken" with him.

While we like the Titans (and love Coach Fisher), we're HUGE Tennessee Volunteer fans (college football). So I'm in mourning that we fired our coach today.

I wish you could be in TN right now. We had a ton of rain in the spring, although we're still in a drought, and the fall colors have been absolutely fabulous!!! Breathtaking! I've enjoyed every moment of them but have been so busy that I haven't had time to take pictures. I'm off on Thursday, so maybe I can get out with the camera and capture some of the beauty. If I do, I'll send you some pictures. It's East Tn, but at least it's TN!

Beth said...

Hi Laura, I am sure I will become a Vol fan too!

I wish I was there too! I am so ready. We were online over the weekend tracking down rentals to consider. Honestly, if it worked out, we'd leave at a moment's notice...just working out the pesky details!

Eastern TN is gorgeous too! I just love all the beautiful trees in shades of autumn. Breathtaking. Please do take some pics!

Thomma Lyn said...

Go, Titans! :)

Your vegetable beef soup and sourdough bread sounds wonderful. And so does your rain! We're having a heck of a drought in East TN right now. Beautiful weather, but very, very dry!

Beth said...

Hi Thomma Lyn...honestly, the rain we are getting right now is not rain like you all get in TN. (I have endured an overnight Tennessee thunderstorm in a tent, so I know what kind of rain TN gets!! Haha!) You'd laugh if you saw it, but every little bit helps and we really need it too!

Liz said...

Rain and soup! Yes!