T made it to Jacksonville (JAX) Friday night. I was anxious (that being my motherly perogative, of course) about him traveling alone on a six hour trip and when I had not heard from him after 10 hours, and getting no response to my (patient) text...I called him. The phone rang and rang and rang and then...his voice...or rather his voicemail. Arrrgh! Of course at this point I have a bad scenario playing in my head. More worry.

He calls me back (another) 2 hours later and tells me that he got there safe and sound, settled in and had been out with friends (from home and bootcamp) and they just got out of a movie. So much for "please check in with me along the way". (hint, hint, son)

He was so happy to be in JAX, told me he loved being back in a big city with freeways!

I'm happy that he is happy.


Thomma Lyn said...

That's great news! I'm glad he made it to Jacksonville A-OK. And what a fabulous smile he has! :)

Beth said...

Thank you Thomma Lyn...I love his smile too!

Annie Wicking said...

Hi Beth thank you for your link... It does look like the hotel.

Glad to know your son got to Jacksonville okay. I'm with Thomma Lyn, what a winning smile.

Best wishes,

Laura Ann said...

Our boys just don't know how we worry, do they? My son helps me keep Miss Clairol in business!