This is how I started my day today....I had an appointment for an adrenal CT scan at 8:00 a.m. this morning. I was told to check in at 7:45 a.m.

I arrived on time at the imaging facility to check in and I was greeted by two staff members behind the counter. One asked me if I had drank my contrast liquid. I told her no, because no contrast liquid had been given to me nor had anyone mentioned it....before now.

There was an imediate scambling of paperwork and scanning the computer, and she told me I was supposed to have....some mumbling between the two front desk staffers and I again reiterated that I was there for a kidney scan (hoping that would alert them that no contrast was necessary)...more scrambling, mumbling and whispered chats about my having to have had the liquid two hours prior to my appt and then the two of them decided that 20 minutes would be sufficient and I was handed a big glass of chalky liquid to enjoy while I filled out my questionairre paperwork. *sigh*

Fast forward to the scan itself. My CT professional seemed rushed, nervous, and unprepared, but she was able to confirm that my chalky breakfast drink was unnecessary. But then the real fun began....

First she could not get the IV started in my right arm...too much scar tissue to advance it in my vein...then she quickly called another professional in, saying she was going to need his help (geeeeze.....this is where my panic starts to rev up, being the needle phobic that I am and having already had her gouge and probe my right arm) and the two of them are peering over my left arm. The 2nd tech spots a "monster vein" but in the next breath warns her to be careful because there is a "valve" near it....but she finds the vein on her first attempt (avoiding the valve--whatever the heck that is) and we get going with the scans.

The first part of the scans are uneventful....and then it is time for the contrast....hmmmm..."feeling anything?" she asks.


Some fiddling with the machine and then she asks me... "Any warmth in your throat?"


More fiddling


"Nope...wait...yes, warmth in my throat." Okay, now we are on our way again....

more scans...

then I have to lay there for 15 minutes of "wait time" before she could come back to do one more scan....

I have a blanket on me, but I begin shaking off and on...trying to think of anything but the fact that I must lay there very still and not move my body for 15 minutes. Shaking, resting, shaking, resting.....

Finally...she comes back and does the last scan, takes the IV out and asks me,

"Have you had abdominal surgery?"

"Yes, four C-sections and a tubal ligation with the last one"

"Did they take anything out? We always ask that question...."

I wanted to ask her, "Why, is anything missing?" but I resisted and just said, "No".

AND then I went to work......


debby said...

Oh my gosh, Beth, this all sounds so familiar! Sometimes I wonder how people get their medical licenses! I hope all is fine after all that!

Oh, and in response to your comment/question on my blog, I'm an instructional designer, which means I design and write professional training courses (instructor-led and online). I also do production work for a garden fountains website--all of which allows me to work at home!

That Girl said...

Seriously, I hate this stuff! Who ARE these "professionals"?

This is exactly the kind of thing that I bring up when my husband talks about his therapist (whom I cannot stand and always disagree with and think is pointless) and says "well, he's a professional Ashley. He went to school for this."

yeah, whatever. I've seen where that can get you. And this coming from the man who has had personal experience with incompetent physicians misdiagnosing him when I pretty much figured out what was wrong with him (he has Crohn's disease) by researching online. ugh...