Remember that children's story? Lately, it feels like we are the tortoise....plodding along our course, while our dreams are the hare, bounding ahead and yelling back at us to hurry up already!

Our home is still on the market and we continue our daily routine of making sure everything is in it's place, free of clutter, counters wiped clean, mirrors spot-free and ready for the arrival of interested buyers. And they are trickling in. Not fast enough, but at least there is some interest.

Meanwhile, we continue to check out homes online in Nashville and discuss details for our move. (We are so ready to make this move! Can you tell?)

Call it a brilliant idea or not, but we are thinking about purchasing a motor-home before we leave, stocking it with the comforts of home and packing it up with items we will need once we arrive plus our pets (two cats and one dog) and driving back--towing the Liberty. Everything else will go by way of a moving van.

We can stay at KOA campgrounds across the country and take our time, seeing different points of interest along the way. Our animals will be less traumatized (the kitties will not have to be flown and Kona will not have to endure the trip in back-seat of the Liberty) and we will not have to find pet-friendly hotels to accommodate Kona. We will save money on hotels, meals and expensive snacks purchased at gas stations along the way. We can stop in major towns, hit the grocery store and replenish what we need.

So, this weekend, we are going attend the RV show in town and take a good look at all the different size and models of class A motorhomes, so that we when are ready to make a purchase, we will know what we like, do not like, etc. and can be more informed consumers when we are ready to buy.

So of course, the moral of this famous little story is that we continue on, stay the course, and just like the tortoise, we will win this race and hit the finish line with our dreams.