Here is a picture of us outside of "Legends" with our new Nashville friends, Jim and Lynnette, who we met first online via Lynette's website which, by the way, has been a source of great information and entertainment (Lynnette is a crack-up).

We had such a great time with them and look forward to continuing our friendship when we get settled in TN. Jim acted as our friendly tour guide for the evening (and he is a natural!). He really knows Nashville!

We had dinner at Amerigo (wonderful italian fare and afterwards they took us on a Nashville pub crawl through several clubs (with live music and no cover charge!) on Broadway. The clubs have bands playing in the front of the club and in the back, so you go in the front door of one bar and out the back door, in the back door of the next club and out the front door. The bands all work for tips, so ya just leave a dollar or two (or more) in the pickle jar on your way out. It's a cool way to hear some great talent.
We made our way into The Second Fiddle and Tootisie's Orchid Lounge during our crawl. We heard a great new artist at The Second Fiddle. His name is Craig Campbell and we really enjoyed his music!

Here is a shot of us at the "Wildhorse Saloon" with a couple of "locals" who posed with us..... This is a great place to come for a meal, live music and line dance lessons or just come and people watch. It is such a fun place. We plan to put on our cowboy boots and learn some line dance steps when we move here! This is a must-do place!

Amid all the clubs downtown that feature up and coming stars, we found this little place for all the "wanna be's" who are not out there every night playing gigs for tips.

Here is the Hermitage Cafe....if you are into Country music, you can catch the music video for "Babygirl" by Sugarland on CMT and see that was filmed in this cafe in Nashville...just something we found on our own!

This is a shot of downtown Nashville and the BellSouth building which is fondly referred to as the "Batman" building (see the Batman ears?). Nashville is a beautiful and charming city.

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