Christmas is almost here.  11 more days.

It's been nearly a month since I last posted and the time has flown for us!

We've vacationed in VA and had an amazing Thanksgiving and visit with our son, Taylor, Sarah and grand-daughters.  I also managed to (slip on a wood staircase, fall on my back and crack a rib.  Leave it to me.

I came down sick with a cold the day after we arrived in VA, which seems to now have morphed into something that has made off with my voice and left me with a cough that is not doing my rib any good at all.

Catching up...the lights on our house festively lit for Christmastime.

This is the view of the Bay the night of my company Christmas dinner.  San Diego is such a beautiful city.

Our tree with the multicolor lights lit.

Beautiful artwork cards and a stocking that our grand-daughters made us. 

Sweet Isabel.  She turned 5 months on December 5th.


♥ Emma and Kailee ♥ 

♥ Isabel ♥

Sweet sisters

Last but not least, our grand-pup, Havana! 

Time to start our shopping...

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