You were the best father a girl could ask for and I was blessed with your love and guidance for the most important years of my life and beyond.   I wasn’t ready for you to be called to Heaven, but you gave me so much while you were here, that I know I’ll be okay.  

Today, I cry because I miss you so much, but the memories I hold onto, make my heart smile.

I loved your passion for the games of tennis and basketball that you shared with me, by teaching me the fundamentals and helping me practice. 

You taught me how to fish, and even though I didn’t catch many, I still thought it was cool to go fishing with my dad.  Some of my fondest memories are of our family camping trips and one of my favorite ways to spend a long weekend will always be desert camping.  

I remember going with you to Gulls’ hockey games, and learning to drive a Tote-Gote when I was nine years old. I remember carefully riding it in big circles in the dirt thinking you were still on the back with me—but you’d hopped off to prove to me I could do it by myself—and I did.

I loved how special I felt going out on our dress-up dinner dates for my 13th and 16th birthdays—my handsome dad as my date!

You were larger than life and little pieces of you, will live on in me. I am confident because you had confidence in me. I’m strong because you gave me your strength when I felt unsure.  I’m smart because you allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them.  You never gave up on me, not even when I disappointed you-- I knew you were always in my corner, that you’d be there for me, no matter what, and you were. 

Thank you for being my compass to find my way between right and wrong, for setting the example of not only a good father, but also husband, teacher, friend and neighbor; for all of your pranks, jokes and teasing--your sense of humor never failed to make me laugh.

Thank you for sharing your life stories with me, for your generous heart, and the priceless gift of your time.

 You have always been my hero and you still are.

I love you Daddy.

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Sharybary said...

This was absolutely beautiful! So sorry for your loss. You obviously have treasures of memories, strength, and insight left to you from your father!