Sometimes a revelation hits me like a freight train. 

Sometimes it whispers in my ear after decades of doing things backwards. 

In my endeavors to lose weight and get healthy, I've read every book, attempted a lot of "diets"  (I hate that word) and failed each and every time.


I finally figured this out.  It's simple and makes so much sense. I have to follow 3 simple rules every day for the rest of my life.  If I do that, my weight will reduce, my health will improve and I'll feel better! 

Here are the 3 rules for me:

  • Eat a balanced amount of healthy whole foods every day. Aim to do this as much as you can (80% of the time) and stay away from processed foods, fast food, diet food, low-fat, low-calorie, light, and any other artificially manipulated or chemically altered food.  Yes, eat the good stuff (butter, full fat sour cream, milk, cream in your coffee, etc.), BUT eat them in small balanced amounts. It's all good food! Calories do count, so count them but relax and savor your delicious meals.

  • Get outside and be physically active every single day. Break a sweat!  Walk, hike, run, bike, jump rope, hula hoop, play hopscotch, skip, lift weights, swing kettlebells, or roller-skate. Play tennis, soccer, golf, hockey or softball. Dance, cheer, take the stairs, walk your dog. Do something. Every day. (Aim for 5 days a week--life gets busy)

  • Forget what you weigh.  Get rid of the bathroom scale.  It is evil and will make you crazy.  You do not need to know what you weigh.  EVER.  Your doctor will track your weight when you go for an annual physical. You do not need to step on a scale at any other time for any other reason.  Not once a month. Not once a week and certainly, NOT EVER, once a day.
That's it.

I've been following these rules for the past two and a half months and here's what's happened.

I'm wearing smaller clothes* and have more energy, I'm handling my stress better and enjoying every day of my freedom from the scale and disappointment that comes from not reaching some magic number by a certain date or event--and believing I have failed.  And giving up. 

*I had a dr appointment two weeks ago and verified a 23 pound weight loss 

The difference is that I'm doing this to feel GREAT, be HEALTHY and reap the BENEFITS for the long haul (as in forever).  I am not deprived.  I can eat a dessert, drink a glass of wine, and participate in celebrations and social occasions without freaking out about breaking some dietary rule.

I know I have said it is simple and it is, but of course there are details I didn't include in my rules (because I know them), but I will break them down in future posts.

I plan to write more posts on this subject, so check back in here for reports on my progress and discussion.


Shrink Mom said...

HURRAY FOR YOU! Beth, how I wish I could release the hold the scale has on me. I left it at the other house, haven't stepped on it for several weeks. I admire your example so very much. I have a love/hate relationship with my scale. Still debating, but you have given me reason to reconsider my original plan about losing weight with a certain number of pounds as a goal. Following your plan, the weight would come off; I know that in my brain. My heart doesn't trust me yet! -Denise

Stella Jones Myers said...

This is really good advice and I follow to some degree, and when I don't, my body knows it and tells me. Will be checking back with you to see how your journey goes.

Beth said...

Denise, I too had a really hard time ditching my scale. It took me awhile to get used to NOT weighing and, instead, using the way my clothes fit and how I felt to gauge my progress.

Beth said...

Stella, yes, my body does too. I strive to eat healthy 80% of the time and enjoy my indulgences when they come along. I also do not feel compelled to indulge anymore either. If I want a sweet, fine. If not, that is fine too...I'm in control, not the scale.