Sometimes a revelation hits me like a freight train. 

Sometimes it whispers in my ear after decades of doing things backwards. 

In my endeavors to lose weight and get healthy, I've read every book, attempted a lot of "diets"  (I hate that word) and failed each and every time.


I finally figured this out.  It's simple and makes so much sense. I have to follow 3 simple rules every day for the rest of my life.  If I do that, my weight will reduce, my health will improve and I'll feel better! 

Here are the 3 rules for me:

  • Eat a balanced amount of healthy whole foods every day. Aim to do this as much as you can (80% of the time) and stay away from processed foods, fast food, diet food, low-fat, low-calorie, light, and any other artificially manipulated or chemically altered food.  Yes, eat the good stuff (butter, full fat sour cream, milk, cream in your coffee, etc.), BUT eat them in small balanced amounts. It's all good food! Calories do count, so count them but relax and savor your delicious meals.

  • Get outside and be physically active every single day. Break a sweat!  Walk, hike, run, bike, jump rope, hula hoop, play hopscotch, skip, lift weights, swing kettlebells, or roller-skate. Play tennis, soccer, golf, hockey or softball. Dance, cheer, take the stairs, walk your dog. Do something. Every day. (Aim for 5 days a week--life gets busy)

  • Forget what you weigh.  Get rid of the bathroom scale.  It is evil and will make you crazy.  You do not need to know what you weigh.  EVER.  Your doctor will track your weight when you go for an annual physical. You do not need to step on a scale at any other time for any other reason.  Not once a month. Not once a week and certainly, NOT EVER, once a day.
That's it.

I've been following these rules for the past two and a half months and here's what's happened.

I'm wearing smaller clothes* and have more energy, I'm handling my stress better and enjoying every day of my freedom from the scale and disappointment that comes from not reaching some magic number by a certain date or event--and believing I have failed.  And giving up. 

*I had a dr appointment two weeks ago and verified a 23 pound weight loss 

The difference is that I'm doing this to feel GREAT, be HEALTHY and reap the BENEFITS for the long haul (as in forever).  I am not deprived.  I can eat a dessert, drink a glass of wine, and participate in celebrations and social occasions without freaking out about breaking some dietary rule.

I know I have said it is simple and it is, but of course there are details I didn't include in my rules (because I know them), but I will break them down in future posts.

I plan to write more posts on this subject, so check back in here for reports on my progress and discussion.



We decided to celebrate our birthdays together and we had an amazing night of wine, food and song.

We started our evening out with a drive up the coast and had the most delicious dinner at Vigilucci's Cucina Italia. 

We arrived early and found two seats at the bar and sipped a glass of Vigilucci Merlot until our reservation time.

Our dinner began with bread and a plate of dipping oil/balsamic vinegar.

I ordered Ricotta Ravioli with Vodka Cream Sauce and it was so good.  Light but so much great flavor.  Bruce ordered the Chicken Alfredo and it wasn't super heavy, but light and with equally great flavor!
After dinner, we walked down to the intimate venue of the New Arts Village Theater and listened to a concert by Jack Tempchin.  It was such a great evening of music and stories and Jack's wine Peaceful Easy Feeling was available by the glass to enjoy with his music.  I opted for a cup of hot coffee with cream, to savor after dinner.
A perfect night of new and old songs, good food and good wine.



I follow Kelly's Korner and I am linking up this week.

I have an eclectic taste in books, but I have been drawn to mysteries, whether fiction or true crime since I can remember. Here is the backstory to my love of crime novels.

I've been reading mysteries, crime novels and thrillers since I was a freshman in high school.  The first book I remember being taken captive by, when I was in the 9th grade was 'The Godfather', by Mario Puzo.

  The next book was 'Helter Skelter', a true crime novel by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry.

Helter Skelter
 I was both creeped out and drawn in by the  very scary and true story of Manson.  It was my first exposure to such a heinous crime spree and sick mind. Ironically, it was what drew me to Criminal Justice and attaining my degree in Criminal Justice and Pre-Law.

Shortly after that, I discovered the 'Deadly Sins' series by Lawrence Sanders. 

Finally, after years of reading stories by Steven King and Dean Koontz, I found a series by an author that I follow to this day.  Jonathan Kellerman's 'Alex Delaware' series. I love mystery novel and I am a mystery writer, too.  I'm not published (yet), but I am a writer all the same. 

When the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware, #1)

I admit that I am behind a few years in reading his novels (not prioritizing my reading over the priorities in everything else in my life) but Kellerman's Alex Delaware is a series I've been reading for over a decade and look forward to each new novel published.  Note to self...read them NOW.  So they are on my winter reading list. 

Yep, you may not think that I have an eclectic taste in books, but I do.  Same with music (but that is another blog post entirely).  Right now,  I am reading "The Swing" by Tracy Reifkind, an author I follow as closely as I do Jonathan Kellerman, but with Tracy, for the best fitness and health tips and I read  and follow her blog.

I enjoyed reading "A Lotus Grows in the Mud" by Goldie Hawn and would like to read more books she has authored.

Front Cover

I love the list of books that Kelly listed too and I can't wait to check them out. I will also be checking out the lists of all of the rest of the bloggers who linked to Kelly's blog post too!



It's that time of year again.

NaNoWriMo!  I'm working on a new piece of fiction for this year.  I've set aside my work in progress from July and begun a fresh new storyline.

November always seems like such a busy month for me.  Why the heck is that? I have a to-do list with birthdays, writing and we have travel planned for some of this month too...I'm planning on getting some writing done while we are gone.  Maybe a change of landscape and city will inspire some gritty writing for me?

That's what I am banking on!

I also plan to stay up on my exercise while we are away!  I'm mapping out some walking routes to take on during our trip!  I'm pledging to keep active while I enjoy some indulgent vacation treats!

So here we go for November!