September is here!  Some great things are happening.

Last night we attended a service at our church's newest campus opening -- in East County.  We attended a "sneak peek" service (they are working out all of the logistic bugs for three weeks prior to the first service on September 15).  It was awesome! 

Yesterday was also our Pastor's first Sunday back after his summer sabbatical and his message was so powerful! I can't wait until next Sunday! 

In a couple of weeks, I will begin attending a Citizen's Academy that is hosted by our Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's office.  I'm thrilled to be accepted into the program and am excited about the topics that will be covered.  Right up my alley--my degree is in Criminal Justice--and this will be a boost to my resume/career and for my writing.

September is also the month of my girls' weekend in La Quinta...always a good time of laying by the pool, reading magazines, girl talk, and lots of laughter. 

September is still a "summer weather" month for us and I'll be making a batch of Gazpacho today, for some healthy, cold deliciousness to eat this week. 

September is going to be a great month of change!

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