I know it's not January 1st, but I'd finally had enough of being inactive and out of shape and got back into workout mode.

Actually, it is more than that.  Last week (Tuesday to be exact), I started paying better attention to what I was eating and how much I was eating and made some changes so that I was eating more healthful and cut my portions.  I also began drinking more water (48-64 ounces a day).

Saturday was my first day back (in forever) to complete a cardio workout.  I have a new gizmo to help me track my training--a heart rate monitor (HRM).  Mine is a Polar FT40 and I love it.  So anywhoo...I hooked it up and set it to record my training.  I sweated out 30 minutes alternating walking and running in my 87 degree garage, thankfully, with a fan blowing and bottle of cold water and my "must have" music to help me.  I listened to Matchbox Twenty (North) on shuffle and lip synced to my favorite songs (when I was not gasping for air--haha).

On Sunday, after I got home from church, I (made myself work out) repeated my cardio workout...improving my distance and calorie burn...then rewarded myself by relaxing in the pool for an hour or so.  The water in our pool was 94 and it was awesome.  The sky was blue and clear of thunderheads and it was so much less humid than it has been. 

This morning, I crawled (or so it felt) out of bed at 4:55 and somehow was able to get my work out clothes on, my shoes tied, hair pulled up and attach my HRM on AND complete my cardio workout without any mishaps. 

I am one week into eating healthier and three days into working out.  I'll be adding some strength training (ST) workouts 3x a week to the mix and may be attending a once a week class at our church for strengthening and stretching (which I need just as much).   

I am packing my healthy lunches again.  Here is my lunch for today.  Green salad with 1/2 chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper, baby carrots and hummus.  I also have some Triscuit Brown Rice crackers to go with it. 

Have a healthful, happy week! 

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