Thanks to a friend in an online fitness group I belong to, I am using a fun fitness app that makes me look forward to running on the treadmill.  I love a good story and this app has that.

The app is called "Zombies, Run!"  It is a game/and fitness app in one.  I am Runner 5 and I can follow the storyline, listen to my own playlist of songs woven in and burn calories!

I ran the first "Mission" and then I downloaded the 5k program app (a couch to 5k training program) which has the same storyline as the game and have begun using this app and will complete it before going on my second "Mission".

I've been enjoying my workouts and using all of my gadgets to help me track my progress. I am able to see improvement in my workouts already as I make my way through week 2 and that is encouraging!  You train at your own pace and run as much as you can or walk when you have to.  So beginners or experienced runners can use this app.  You can also use it outside or on a treadmill (like me).

Who would have thought I'd be having so much fun with my workouts?  Certainly not me. 

If you are looking for a fun app to get you moving...check it out! 


Summer Girl said...

Yay! You got a HRM! Which model is it? I think mine is FT40. Awesome job!

Beth said...

Yes, I did get one! Mine is the FT40 too. Bruce has one, but he has a different model.