As usual, I've been going six ways to Sunday...

We've had Ashley and the grandchildren visiting with us for the past three weeks and enjoying our grandbaby time with all of them.

Her hubby/daddy Kent has been in training in Los Angeles for his new job, so Ashley and the grandkids have been visiting with us and Kent came down on the weekends to reunite with his family and enjoy the weekend with us.  He took the train the second weekend away and drove down the third weekend down to hang out and to pack up everyone to head back home.

They are in Las Vegas (the halfway point for them) tonight and will arrive home tomorrow.  I know they will be glad to get back to their home sweet home, and Kayla dog, and their own routine.

I was sick for a week of their visit and got little Aaron sick too. Pooh on me.  Sweet Sarah turned one year old on the 18th and mama got her some cupcakes to celebrate.  We shipped her gift home to her (since it was too big for them to take back with them) and they are going to host a party when they get back home.

What I lived off of for over a week...felt so crummy for about 5 days. 

We celebrated grandson, Ethan's 1st birthday this weekend too!  Cousins, Sarah and Ethan are only two days apart.  His party was hosted up at Lake Poway and it was a gorgeous day for a party!!  Weather in the 80's with lots of California sunshine!
Sweet Birthday Boy, Ethan!

Our other birthday baby, Sarah was "diggin'" the yummy cake--already an old pro with cake eating after her own birthday!

It was delicious cake, to be sure!!

Sarah and Daddy...such a sweet photo

Aaron playing with his cars.  A smile for Memaw.

Sweet kiddos cheezin for Memaw back at home

The 3 Muskateers playing together!

We are now going to start getting into gear for getting our backyard ready for summer (establishing shade, planting grass and setting up our pool!)

We have A LOT to organize and get ready for the summer months ahead!  Stay tuned, peeps!  I promise to post pics. I'll post some "before" pics soon.

P.S.  I have my finished drapes for my office, ordered my drapery hardware and will be hanging them and completing my office transformation very soon.  I still need to find the "perfect chair" for my writer's office....and that, my friends, is the challenge....oh, yeah, and a lamp for my desk. I want something unique.

I ordered a ceiling lamp for the office nearly three months ago from Restoration Hardware.  They sent me an email that said it should be here by May 13.  I sure hope so. I am getting impatient.

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