I know I haven't been around here much lately at my little blog.  I promise I haven't been idle.  Between working and sleeping, I've been keeping busy with trying to find rugs for the house.  That is the first step...and it's been time consuming. 

You might remember from my previous pics that my entire downstairs is travertine tile, so I had a list of rooms and areas that I wanted to place rugs.  I have a wonderful friend, Lisa, who is helping me with my color palette and decorating ideas.  She's awesome!  I have been pinning my decorating ideas on Pinterest and Lisa and I have a board that we both pin ideas on for the house. 

I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I need help.  But that's another blog post entirely. 

Anyway...since I have not been updating in over a month, I decided to put up some photos and show you what I've been doing otherwise.

Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. Or not.

 An afternoon at the winery for a glass of wine and a view of the vineyards

 Superbowl Sunday with our youngest grandson.  Smiley boy!

 Electra Bike ride around Coronado.  Gathering at the Ferry Landing for a meet and greet first.

Gorgeous day and a peek of Balboa Park from my office window.   

                                                            East County sunset

 Family room rug and ottoman in place.  The beginning of our decorating journey.

First pillow purchase.  Adding some bright colors to the room!

This weekend, I am refinishing the desk I will be using in my office. I'll post some pics soon. I'm anxious to get it completed and have a place to blog and write.

I'm going to get on with my day...hope yours is awesome!

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