I'm lagging again on updating my blog...I'm still working on refinishing my desk.  I completed a coat of color on it and need to add one more and then glaze it. 

In the interim, I recently read a blog post about skinny jeans (and the virtues of this particular brand) and I had to laugh to myself and decided to blog about skinny jeans in general.

Skinny is not a word that has ever been attributed to me...or my clothing choices.  And that's not a bad thing, it's just a fact, Jack.

I do drink my own version of a "skinny" margarita, and that is as often as the word 'skinny', dips a toe into my vocabulary. 
  • Margaritas...I make mine low cal with a single serve packet of Crystal Light Lemonade mix mixed with 12 oz of cold water, Tequila, Triple Sec and Grand Marnier and fresh squeezed lime juice. On the rocks. I prefer mine less sweet (your mileage may vary).
Ahem.  Back to jeans.  Give me a pair of cute classic boot cut jeans any day of the week. Every day of the week for that matter. That's my style.  I love wearing cowboy boots with my jeans.  If I could afford it, I'd own every pair there is to buy from Country Outfitter.  When I win Lotto, right? 

I don't need a pair of jeans that mock me and my curvy hourglass figure and skinny jeans are NEVER going to 'play nice' with my curves.

It's a fact of life I came to accept the first time these things came into vogue...I'm smarter than I was back then.  I so recall wrestling with a pair and trying to jam my leg into the pencil thin opening...ahhh...with age comes wisdom and it's a beautiful thing.

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