I had a very productive weekend of packing.  We have boxes stacked everywhere and it's evident that we are moving.  We are using paper plates, plastic silverware and cups.  I kept out two ceramic coffee mugs and two wine glasses (who wants to drink wine out of plastic?  well, not me)

That being said, I did not write one darn word all weekend...not one word, until last night when I opened my novel and wrote four words.  It was late, I was tired but I thought maybe my imagination and fingers might come back to life.  They didn't.  I wrote my four words and shut my laptop down and went to bed.

I clearly am not going to finish this novel in the next three days.  I may get to 20,000 words by then (but that is doubtful). 

I am missing the 50,000 mark by a lot. 
I will not win Nanowrimo this year. 
I am okay with that. 

The upside is that I have a strong start to a good novel and I completed a lot of writing despite travel and moving.  I will just have to continue my heroine's journey after we get moved into our new house. 

Until then, I will carry on with more sorting, cleaning and packing.

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