We've begun packing!  I have one room started and it feels good to have made this first step.  We took down the pool, scrubbed and hosed off the liner and folded it up.  That was a huge chore in and of itself. 

We will be in the new house before Christmas, though I am not certain how prepared I will be for Christmas decorating and entertaining.  I'm sure it will probably be chaotic, but we will be somewhat settled (not unpacked) in the new house. 

So, I thought I'd get more writing done this weekend, and it was not for lack of time, but instead I struggled with a bit of writer's block.   

My writer's brain was somewhere else.  I couldn't get a writing flow going until, of course, Sunday night at the precisely the time I needed to turn in for the night.  So, I left a sentence hanging and went to bed.  I'm hoping that the flow will return when I open my laptop up again, tonight.

My goal is to write a novel in 30 days.  If I don't complete it, I will still have written more and been writing more consistently than I have in a long time.  That is already true and I'm feeling more in tune as a writer than I have in a long time.

It's typical for me to get a brainstorm late at night and then stay up writing into the wee hours, until my eyelids are so heavy that I can barely focus on the screen.  But working a full time day job requires sleep, so that makes meeting my writing goals a bit trickier.

Balancing my writing with everything else is hard, but I'm just gonna run with it.

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Summer Girl said...

A novel in 30 days?!?! That's impressive! You go! Especially with lots of packing to do, but it will allget figured out. xoxo