I'm a little late for the party, but hey, better late than never, right?  I follow Kelly's blog, but I don't play along every Friday...today I am, so here we go! Here are my top three favorites!

My number 1 favorite beauty product is Nerium.  I started using this 4 months ago and I am sold on what it's done for my skin!  One bottle lasts me nearly two months and it's sure cheaper than any cosmetic procedure! 

I love this for pore refining! I apply it after my foundation (Bare Minerals) and dab it on my face on the areas that need it.

pores no more pore refiner

This little product is great too...I love how it makes my eyes look! I got a sample in my Birchbox shipment and tried it out and I was sold.  A little goes a LONG way...so this small jar will last forever.

Now if I can just find a mascara I really love....


hollie marie said...

Have you tried Benefit They're Real yet? I use it and will never ever switch to anything else! Something about the formula plus the brush makes my lashes so incredibly long that I don't even curl them anymore. There is a drawback-- it's hard to wash off! So on the days where I'm not wearing a "full" face (like @ work), I'll use CG Lash Blast. Give it a try some time if you haven't already! :)

Stephanie said...

I definitely need to try that "bright eyes" stuff! I struggle with dark under eye circles. Thanks for sharing! : )

Beth said...

Hollie marie, thanks for that suggestion. I will try that mascara!

Stephanie, yes, its an amazing product for dark circles. I use it under my eyes and my entire eye area (lid). It opens up my eyes and really makes them pop!