This is one of those mornings when there is just not enough coffee to help the headache I woke up with.

I started with some Excedrin, but unfortunately, it hasn't helped much and now I am on my second cup of coffee--and still no change.

I am planning on having a productive day and making several batches of jalapeno jelly today, so I'm hoping that I can get out of this fog of pain soon, and get going on them.

Yesterday was a good day.  I got some organizing done in the morning and then I had the best visit with our youngest grandson, Ethan...this Memaw is so blessed!

Later in the afternoon, we celebrated my mom's and my neice's birthdays.  It was good to spend time with family and enjoy delicious food.

I'm ready for another cup of coffee and then I need to write a list of ingredients to pick up at the grocery for my jelly. Ta ta for now....

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