So I've been absent from blogging. 

We went away for a fun anniversary weekend and I should have already posted pics, but I haven't.  I will, though.

Since we've been home,  I've been dealing with an annoying allergic reaction to an antibiotic I took and finished before we left.  Annoying random itching on my hands and feet...enough to make me want to claw the flesh off of my appendages.  I started taking Benadryl to help with the itching, but then I felt like a zombie, and even though zombies are everywhere right now, it is not something I have ever aspired to be...

so then I was taking caffeine to keep me from feeling so lethargic...(so I could work and carry on normal conversations, you know stuff like that)

It's not been fun.

So not fun.

And here I am, almost two weeks later, still itching.  Not as bad, so I have been able to stop taking Benadryl and then having to alternately dose myself with caffeine.  

Hoping it stops altogether.  Soon.  Like tomorrow...

Or now.

Yeah, now would be awesome.

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Summer Girl said...

Oh thats so bad! I am so sorry your itchy. I hope it fades away tomorrow for you! Glad you guys had a great anniversary weekend! Love you!