Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for since January. 

We ordered our bikes (Electra Townie 8i Balloon) in late January and after months of (epic) waiting, we are going to go pick up our bikes (AT LAST). 

Stay tuned for photos of our bikes!  Finally, on the eve of the day we drive to the bike store to take delivery of our beloved Townies, I am feeling the excitement of a kid on Christmas Eve. 

We're going to have breakfast tomorrow morning at a cafe near the bike shop, sip coffee, fidget, check the time on our smartphones, and wait for the bike shop to open. 

I can't wait to share photos of our bikes.  We have waited so darn long for them to arrive!  We will be taking a maiden voyage on them around Mission Bay after we take delivery of them! 

A big day at our house.

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Summer Girl said...

Hope you have fun!!