We had a getaway this weekend. 

To the desert heat.

To do nuttin'. 

Except lay by the hotel pool, sip iced cold beverages, eat a yummy hotel buffet breakfast and hot coffee each morning; nibble on a Saturday lunch of cheeses, pita chips, hummus, grapes, salami and those crazy Ritz pretzel chips; and Saturday, savoring some frozen yogurt while we watched 'Crazy, Stupid Love' in the comfort of our comfy hotel room. 

The best part was that we had no schedule to follow, except what we decided to do in the moment.

Yeah, it was absolutely, completely wonderful and the perfect kind of weekend for us! 


Summer Girl said...

So glad you guys had time to yourselves!xoxo!

Laura said...

I'm so stinkin' jealous of you right now! Whew... I need a weekend like that!

Beth said...

I hear ya Laura...we were well overdue for one. Maybe you and hubs can sneak away for one...if I lived close to you, I'd keep the kiddos for you and tell ya to get outta dodge.