I know I haven't posted in a week but I've been keeping busy.  Aside from the obvious (you know...work, errands, ), I have been consumed with the following:

Reading a lot more. In fact, I have spent more time reading than I have in the past three...no make that 5 years;

Walking on my lunch hour (3 days out of 5) which doesn't take into consideration the 3/4 mile walk to Mixon Deli that Linda and I take every Friday; and

Bruce and I worked in our back yard last weekend and got our pool completely set up, filled and covered. The water temp was already 84 degrees this afternoon!

We got great news that our bikes will be delivered by the middle of June and we'll be cruising the shores of San Diego as soon as we get them!

Bring on the summer weather!  We are ready!

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Laura said...

Just catchin' up with you... Your walks sound lovely! I would like to work something like that into my routine too. The other evening the kids and I did manage to go for a little stroll down our dirt road. It felt good to get out into the wide open air.