I've finally gotten a few consecutive nights of deep sleep and I feel like I have recovered from my sleep deprived state.  

Whoa, what a crazy, amazing roller coaster of a ride!  At least I know I can still hold my own under those conditions.  As Grace used to say, "I did it!" 

Last week reminded me my life many moons ago, when I worked all night as a waitress, slept a few hours by the pool during the day and then went out in the evening before going back to work at 11 pm.  

Except back then, I went without sleep on purpose And I was younger.  I could still go for naps by the pool.  Sleep and sun...multi-tasking at its finest.

Now, we are jetting off into the friendly skies to spend some time with Grace, Aaron and Sarah.  I'm looking forward to late night chats with my daughter and lots of QT with the grand-babes. 

I can sleep on the flights.  Right?

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