I've finally gotten a few consecutive nights of deep sleep and I feel like I have recovered from my sleep deprived state.  

Whoa, what a crazy, amazing roller coaster of a ride!  At least I know I can still hold my own under those conditions.  As Grace used to say, "I did it!" 

Last week reminded me my life many moons ago, when I worked all night as a waitress, slept a few hours by the pool during the day and then went out in the evening before going back to work at 11 pm.  

Except back then, I went without sleep on purpose And I was younger.  I could still go for naps by the pool.  Sleep and sun...multi-tasking at its finest.

Now, we are jetting off into the friendly skies to spend some time with Grace, Aaron and Sarah.  I'm looking forward to late night chats with my daughter and lots of QT with the grand-babes. 

I can sleep on the flights.  Right?



We went to the hospital yesterday to visit Ethan and took this photo of our precious grandson.

He and Mama & Daddy will be heading home tomorrow.

And our grandaughter, sweet Sarah and Mama & Daddy went home Friday night.

We are going to go see Ethan at the hospital again today and starting to pack for our trip out to visit Sarah, Grace and Aaron!



We have more grandbaby news! 

                                      Daddy Cameron holding his son right after he was born!

On Friday, April 20, 2012 we welcomed our grandson, Ethan Matthew (Cameron and Heather's first born)! 

He arrived two weeks early at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 20 inches long--healthy and beautiful!  We are going back to visit (and hold him) today! 

We are so thankful and blessed!




Our sweet grand-daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Sovereen was born last night and weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long!  She joins big sister, Grace (3) and big brother, Aaron (18 months)!

We are so elated and in love with our little beauty already.  We are going to visit next week and can't wait to meet Sarah and get our Memaw and Pepaw fix with our first two sweetie pies!

I am on cloud nine! 



Another week has begun. 

Our alarm clock woke me from a deep sleep with a punch of noise that, on this morning, instantly made my head hurt.  My dreams were still jumbled in my head and I took some Excedrin and gulped down some water and lay there for less than 5 minutes, taking deep breaths, determined to get out of bed and get on the treadmill before work.

And after I pushed myself out of bed, into my workout clothes and churned through a good workout, my head pain lessened.  Locked on auto-pilot, I showered and got ready for work and was out the door.  Sunglasses on, music turned up loud and feeling thankful that the traffic was light, I cruised down the freeway.
As I neared downtown, I braked to a stop behind a line of slow moving traffic and crept for a few minutes--what was everyone slowing down for?  An accident?  A disabled car?  And then I saw it.  In the distance, standing on one of the bridges crossing over the freeway, I could make out the silhouette of a man...was he sitting on the rail?  No, please, don't jump.  Was he standing?  Leaning?  As my car rolled closer, I could see him better.  He was standing, facing the oncoming traffic. An empty grocery cart was next to him. Homeless, perhaps?

Suddenly, he raised his hands above his heads and formed a V with his outstretched arms and made "peace signs" with both hands.  He stood there motionless as my car passed under the bridge and the traffic ahead of me sped up.

I was shaken up and barely remember the short drive left.  As I rolled into the parking garage at my office, I wondered: 
What did this mean?  What was he trying to say? Was he feeling invisible?   Was this the cry for help of a man that no one understood?  Had he stopped making sense and people stopped listening? 

As unsettling as it felt to me, I wondered if maybe he was just a man who paused on his walk to offer a message to his audience.




The following may be of interest to writers and non-writers alike, or of interest to only me, since they are my musings. I have decided to write it down here for me.
Some are very complex and others are very simple.

I suppose I could say that I have a simple relationship with the homeless man who often stands at the end of the freeway exit by my office. I don't know his name or what brings him to this corner. We greet one another with mutual smiles, a wave and everytime, he gives me a thumbs up.

He stands there in the very early morning, his breath visible in the cold air. His full thick mustache draws attention away from his thin face.  Tugging at the dark beanie pulled down over his ears, he holds a piece of cardboard box that has printed with black marker, 'God Bless You'.

I can't tell you what days he is there or not there, only that I can rely on his presence more often than not.  But now, several day have passed and I have not seen him.  Each day as I exit the freeway, I expect to see him and he is not there. 

I feel a little sad.  I miss our greetings through the car window.  Thumbs up, my friend, wherever you are.


In a memory, I am captive by desert sunsets fading into a mirage of ocean.

In a dream, I slow danced beside a campfire with the ghost of a love that never lived.

In a nightmare, I suffocating in fear and a flood of tears; lost in efforts of foolish giving while the echo of midnight prayers remained constant.

In reality, my strength has been honed by memories, dreams and nightmares. Like the iron forged by flame, and the diamond shaped out of coal, I could not be who I am today without the process of my past.




What have I been doing?  Ummmm...working, working out...watching DVR'd shows....taking care of business...ya know, the usual...

Last night, I met a bunch of fun friends at a local favorite hangout with GREAT food and wine to celebrate our friend, Linda's birthday.  We had a great time!  Drank glasses of chilled wine, ate yummy thin crust pizza (one just a yummy garlic cheese type and the other, a red pepper, arugula, and asparagus pizza) and then, our wonderful banker (who should ditch banking) baker friend, Leeann brought us a grand variety of crazy good cupcakes to dive into.

I am not kidding when I say crazy good either.  I indulged in a Snicker's cupcake...devils food with a chocolate butter cream frosting and snickers on top.  She baked 9 different varieties of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes...I wanted to eat one of each, but the amount of time I would have to spend on the treadmill to burn those ingested calories...well let's just say, I might as well walk to Phoenix, AZ.

You girls know exactly what I mean. Don't pretend you don't.

I held myself to one cupcake and brought two home to my hubby.

I was so inspired by all that yumminess that I have decided to try my hand at some innovative cupcake making for family celebrations. 


Tomorrow we are going to work in our garden.

Yes, it is that time of year!  Time to add soil, plant our tomatoes, jalapenos, basil and squash. We're going to implement a drip irrigation system this year.  We bought it last year but didn't get it installed in time.

And yes, you are right, we have narrowed the amount of types of veggies we are growing. What do we really want to grow?  We came up with the list above based on what works for us. I love making pesto, jalapeno jelly, and eating steamed squash and fresh tomatoes...and I am thinking a fresh margarita pizza will be so good this summer...fresh tomatoes and basil and cheese on a whole wheat pizza crust...maybe on the grill? 

I am sure that got my hubby's attention....(yes, he reads my blog).

I'll post our annual photos after we get everything planted.