I think we have come down with a case of Spring Fever and it feels good!

We have taken a dive into home improvement again.  The wallpaper in our entryway (that was here when we moved in and ugly) was lifting off (and driving us crazy in numerous ways).  It has now been stripped and the walls have been prepped and painted.  We chose a light color that reminds me of soft suede. We've also lightened the trim color for the baseboards and doors. 

We had to paint 3 coats of KILZ  primer on the interior side of our chocolate brown front door, but what an amazing difference it has made and I can't wait to finish painting it with the final color! 

We have decided to continue our paint project into the dining and kitchen areas and re-do our room.  We ordered an iron headboard and footboard, so since our bed will have to be taken apart, we are going to dismantle the room and paint it before setting up the bed.

My brain is in overdrive with lots of ideas...and I'm so excited to see how it all turns out!


Summer Girl said...

Fun to redo your room! Did you ask the landlord about the carpet yet?

Laura said...

Just catching up on your last few posts... Glad you are feeling good enough to tackle all these home improvement projects! Those owies look painful!