I'm progressing in my cardio routine and feeling like it's becoming easier in the sense that I can hop out of bed and get out into our (cold) garage and workout in the morning without dreading it.  Instead, I look forward to the way I feel afterwards. 

I'm still not ready for the hard core HIIT program taped on the dashboard of my treadmill.  But I mix it up between a fast walk and jogging.  I'm still not really running yet.  I have a ways to go to get there, but I will!

I watch the morning news and listen to music on my Ipod Nano.  I need to download some more (and new) tunes this weekend or rotate them out. I begin on my water and drink a 16.9 oz bottle while I work out.  I down my second 16.9 oz bottle while I get ready for work.  By the time I start sipping my morning coffee, I am 4 cups of water into my day! 

This is what is working for me.  I took a long neighborhood walk on Monday (3.28 miles in 52 minutes--3.8 mph) and it was a good change for me.  I want to do that once a week and find new places or routes to walk. 

Getting up and working out first thing in the morning is also what works for me.  I start my day off with a workout and I feel good.  I am ready to face the challenges that await me.  I haven't been tempted to stray from my eating plan (though the chocolate in a candy jar did try to lure me to take a piece yesterday), I quickly turned away and guzzled some water.

I know that piece of chocolate would not have been worth the way I'd feel later.  I want to plan for my chocolate.  I will be having chocolate. I do not believe in restricting any particular food or food group (dessert IS a food group, right?) from my food plan. 

Anyway, I have digressed a bit from my original train of thought...I'm doing what works, the tried and true.  I'm seeing results already in the way my clothes are fitting and that brings me to the change.

I am not using a scale to gauge my progress.  How many times have I gotten discouraged because the scale didn't reflect how hard I have been working?  Or inched up a pound due to water weight?  There are too many variables to using the scale as my compass on my journey.  I decided it has too many emotional triggers for me and that's not good.

My clothes will not lie to me.  If they are tight, I'm getting bigger.  If they become looser, I'm getting smaller.  Period. 

This journey is about becoming a healthier, more fit person.  My goal is to make exercise a daily part of my life. To keep my health in check.  Not something I do to lose weight and then stop.  Nope.  I must make it a part of my day as natural as brushing my teeth.  Not something I have to think about.  It will be a priority.  I will not make excuses. 

Exercise will be my tried and true.

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Laura said...

Way to go! I wish I had the will power to get up and exercise in the morning. And way to go on the water intake! I'm a big water drinker... Can't imagine not drinking a lot of water throughout the day. It just makes you feel so much better!