Today is my son, Taylor's 23rd birthday! This is one of my favorite photos of him that I snapped when we were in Tennessee.  He drove from Virginia to spend the weekend with us!  We had a great visit together!

 This is another photo of him, but he is at work and he's holding his friends' twin daughters when they came to visit him on the ship.  Cute, huh?
As for me, I am still in gear with my exercise and eating healthy gig. 

We ordered our bikes (yay!) and will get them in April.  I am so excited about it!

We are both getting Electra Townie Balloon 8i bikes.  This is the mens.  And this one is the ladies.  Then we can join the local bike club for some rides and hit the beach on our own!  I can't wait!  But I have to.  So, then I guess I can wait.  But I don't want to....oh heck, you get the idea.

My lunch was a disaster today.  Some asian noodle bowl that just had way too many green onions in it.  Blech.  I tried to avoid them, but they were these tiny pieces (and there were millions of them in this one container!)

Ewwww...and I like green onions.  Just not millions of them for one meal. 
I ate an apple afterwards and that helped. 
And then I ate a granola bar because I was still hungry. 
Hope your lunch was better than mine!


Summer Girl said...

lol, your hilarious. I had an egg salad sandwhich with grape tomatoes and carrot sticks and some goldfish. It was a yummy lunch, but the company was too chatty and kept spilling their milk! :P

Beth said...

Hahaha! You are the hilarious one! I love your lunchmates!

Laura said...

Okay, I just have to say... Your son is a hottie! Don't tell my hubby I said so. Don't tell your son I said so either. I'd be so embarrassed! But it had to be said.

Glad you're sticking to your health kick. I'm a green onion lover too, but I can see where too many would be too much, especially with that onion breath they leave you with afterward!

Beth said...

Thanks, Laura. Mum's the word! That noodle bowl is not going to be repeated in my menu rotation! Onion breath is right...I think the onion machine at the factory malfunctioned. :0