It's safe to say that the Fall of 2011 is going to be a busy season full of blessings and happiness for us.

First, we're going to Utah to visit our grand-babies (and daughter and son-in-law, of course) and celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday! We're taking a long weekend and I can't wait to get there! We've not seen them since May.  Too long.

Then, after we return, our son, T is taking two weeks leave and will be home at the end of the month! 


  Our son, Cameron is getting married!

We are so happy! Cameron and Heather have been together for several years now and we love that she will be our daughter--we already consider her a part of our family and are so thrilled they are tying the knot!


Sea World happiness!

San Diego Zoo with Grace

The couple all dressed up for a friend's wedding.  Aren't they a gorgeous couple?  I can't wait for their wedding!


We'll be pretty busy but I'll do my best to pop in and keep y'all updated. 


Summer Girl said...

It's going to be so much fun and so crazy...Grace's lil head is already swimming with all of the fall festivities! 4 more days!! I have so much to do!

Farmer Gal said...

Sweet! It's wonderful to look forward to those kinds of things. Congrats on the new daughter-in-law.